The Utterance Of Isis

Do you remember Me?
When your life was harsh and rough,
I provided the means of civilization -
Storing grain, pressing oil, weaving cloth,
Firing pottery, building cities, writing words.
When you were lonely and doubtful,
I engendered love between women and men.
I instituted marriage; I shaped the laws
To help people live in harmony.

Egypt did not contain Me.
I crossed three continents.
I was honored upon the Tigris and the Tiber as well as the Nile.
I sailed beyond the Mediterranean, and flew north with the Roman eagles.
From the mists of Britain to the sands of Arabia,
I was the universal Goddess,
And you who are not of the blood of My birthland
May still be My children.

Do you remember now?
I am that beneficent power,
The glory of life, the mystery of the seasons,
The abundant grace of creation.
When you rejoice, Feel My blessing in your laughter.
When you mourn, Feel My consolation in your heart.

I am Isis, Queen of Heaven,

I am Isis, Queen of Heaven,
This poem first appeared in a newsletter local to the New York City area called Our Pagan Times. And I spread My wings over the Two Lands!








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