Write me a prescription......

What can I say? The day came and baby mama went on this much deserved blind date, and what you know? In the midst of getting to know you, his phone rang and it was his brother complaining bitterly of how trapped he felt about a relationship he wanted out of, but his girlfriend was using her baby as a pawn to let him feel guilty about leaving her and baby mama listened intently, squeezed her big toe and conveniently forgets to tell her ‘I don’t want any woman with a child’ date that she has a seven month old baby boy. After all she was hot for this man and wanted to see him again which they did.


Imagine, baby mama is out and about one day with her baby on her back, only to run into the man, then and there with the little guy cooing and peeping from behind his mama’s back, she told the man that she was baby sitting for another supposedly barren friend.


Listen, the day of getting in the sack came upon on her and in the excitement to ride the pony she completely forgot that she was a nursing mother and when he grabbed for two gala apples, instead he squeezed two cartons of milk.