Appreciation of Value

Appreciation of Value

appreciation of value

Lunch today took me to a supermarket deli.  On alighting from the car, I saw a woman who by my estimate could be about 60 years old.  With her was an older woman, probably in her 80s.

Both ladies were so sharply dressed, the younger of the two in a colourful, off the shoulder dress, cut just above her knees.  The older lady in wide legged black pants a long sleeve lace white blouse and wide belt with very large buckle holding firmly her very small waist. The ensemble was finished with kitten heels, drop earrings and large sunglasses.

I simply couldn’t help myself. I had to ask “Is this a mother and daughter duo”? They both smiled and the younger lady proudly said “yes we are”.  I spoke directly to the daughter, and said “there is no doubt where you got your sense of style from – you both are so fabulous”

The mother beamed and said “Thank you my darling, you made my day”.  Walking ahead of me, you could see a light pep in her step and her smile lingered.

At another point during the visit, seeing them again, the glow and the smiles were still there.  Then it struck me, by seeing the joy on their faces, my own mood was also lifted. A simple, spontaneous act had positively impacted the rest of my day.   Truth is, that when you give value, the value you get back is multiplied.

D’Claire Today:   that you are valuable and that you see value in every person you encounter.  Believing this, consciously reach out and give of yourself to at least one person per day.  Reaching out could simply be a smile, a compliment or a word of encouragement.  Show value for others and watch your own value go up.


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