Equality and Justice For All

Equality and Justice For All



Gender Discrimination






It was the day of student council elections and I was running for office. There were 2 more girls than boys in my class. I was the only boy that ran for office and all the other girls ran individually.  I thought the representative spot was all mine, not only because I was the only boy running and expected most of the boys to vote for me, but because last year I wrote a speech that got me elected. I then went on a campaign to be an officer and won. I thought I did a great job as an officer and I was student council rep for last year.  I even thought I had a better speech then last year. But remember I said, there were 2 more girls in my class than boys. So all the boys voted for me, but not a single girl voted for me. All I needed was two more votes to win. After losing  this time I didn't cry but I certainly felt cheated.


Another time I felt like I was a victim of gender discrimination, was when we were simulating the Oregon Trail. My wagon train was mostly girls. It was the very end of the simulation . The purpose of the simulation was to see who lived or died. We were given three attempts to toss a coin into a trash can. There was a argument over who should do it twice,  Sarah or me. We played rock, paper, scissors to see which one was going to do it. I won 2/3. But still, she couldn't accept it, so she decided to do a majority vote and of course she wins the vote. Remember I said it was mostly girls.


Don't get me wrong, boys can be pretty bad too. Like; you know... boys are supposed to be taller, stronger, faster, better at sports than girls. Well, one time we were playing basketball, we wouldn't  let them play because we were afraid that they would cause problems in the game. But the second we denied them a chance at playing with us,  they went to go tell the teacher that we weren't being fair, so we had to let them play. It turned out they were actually pretty good at basketball. There were little bumps in the game but overall it was really fun.


In conclusion to all this, I recommend for the next generation of girls and boys to not judge each other by their gender but by their personality and the content of their character.  What most people say about each other may not be true, because you never know until you know the person.


SEA Murray



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