Dee Hunt Autobiography

Born in Jamaica in the year 1981 to parents Iva and Vincent Hunter in little district called Lewis Store my childhood years are filled with fond memories. I began school at an early age since my mother was a teacher at Highgate Hall Age Primary in Highgate, St. Mary and I was drawn to music as my dad had a small sound system that would fill the air with Bob Marleys albums every Sunday evening after church. Successfully passing my Common Entrance Examination in 1992 I moved on to St. Mary High School then subsequently to Marymount Business College and pursued additional Business Courses. My journey from St. Mary took me to the big city (Kingston) that resulted in love, marriage and two beautiful kids; Jelani and Thais. After the completion of my studies later on in life I still did not have a sense of my true purpose. I knew what it might be but my feelings was covered in fear. I would write my ideas and thoughts and think twice about sharing it on social media until one day I just decided to let go and stop worrying what others will say about my expressions. This letting go of fear was the best decision I ever made. I knew I had a gift but I never knew how wonderful the gift I had was until I began to embrace it and let my thoughts flow.

My inspiration to write comes from within. I am inspired every second of the day by things that happens around me or what I see in my passing. It is a special gift that I have developed through constant encouragement from Sydney Murray and Fredrick Chin and I amaze myself whenever I read my own posts and blogs; it feels new to me and I try to relive the moment I placed pen to paper.

The gift I have is very intense and when I get a thought it feels like a jab in the side and I pull out my phone or note pad and start scribbling. It relaxes me and open my thoughts which have now revealed another purpose I discovered at an early age ‘the ability to inspire and motivate others around me”

My journey has taken me along lives up hills and valleys and through it all I have learned my own likes and dislike. My likes are many and I am an adventurous person who takes every opportunity I get to go hiking or visit a new beach or town and sit with a few persons from that area so I can understand the different cultures on my lovely island, Jamaica. I am a philanthropist and at times I feel I have over extended myself but this is what makes me happy so in a nutshell I am a lover of life, I don’t believe in limits and anyone who has gone through the process of knowing his or her self-inside out is welcomed to join my circle. My dislikes are dishonest persons especially those who seek to deceive or take advantage of others.

Currently I am in my Second season of the National Pantomime, however I have been with the company for three years. Singing, acting and dancing has always been an important part of my life as I grew up watching Miss Louise Bennett, Mass Ranny perform on stage. It was a dream come through when I auditioned and was accepted. When the lights on the stage is turned on and you are ready in your costume your character is transformed. Hearing the audience’s feedback and seeing the looks on their faces when you perform is an enlightening experience.

My Career path along with the discovery of my purpose has led me to where I am now, an Executive Manager in the Private Sector. This Portfolio covers a large part of the company’s overall management and while it keeps me extremely busy I am having fun with my job. Yes I love my job and all the additional responsibilities that comes with it and I look forward to continue investing in my personal growth while I challenge myself even further.

Hard at work writing five (5) books (one of which was requested by my daughter) I have found it to be a very enjoyable process. Having received publications in both local newspapers (The Observer and The Jamaican Gleaner) over the last few months and getting three awards for letter of the day I feel accomplished yet encouraged to keep writing. My last publication was as a guest columnist and that topped by writing publications for the 2014-2015 period. It is an honour to be selected as the Writer of the year for 2014. I am humbled and filled with great pride and joy. The dablue community assisted me to find my purpose, explore it and have fun while I did that and it has taken me to “new heights”

So thank you for choosing me to receive such a distinguished award, I accept with honour.


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