D. G. Cunningham

Living your dreams is not what happens to you; it's what you do with what happens to you that makes you live your dreams'.

 A dream on the rise is how Damian Cunningham describes his passion for the literary arts.

Long founded in his poetic expertise, Damian now explores concepts of the world, including life, relationships, choice, vocation and religion. His talents in rationalizing the world are brilliantly sublime, reaching the soul of the diligent reader.

Damian Cunningham  is a rising literary icon, whose background is founded in the managerial sciences. A holder of a Master of Business Administration, Damian excels in the fields of sales and marketing, consulting in business strategy, and scribing business plans for various corporate enthusiasts seeking to engage in the art of business.

Born in Montego Bay on the small island of Jamaica, Damian's passion for the literary arts began in high school. At the age of thirteen he began exploring his abilities in poetry. Whether his poems reached the heart of a female interest or to engage his friends into meaningful conversation, Damian wrote with his eyes, heart and mind. His abilities to intersperse reality into poetry garnered for him a deep rooted passion for ideas.... Transforming them into words. Having learned many of life's lessons, Damian now pursues his dream of sharing his thoughts, experiences, insight and passions with the world at large. He is the inspiration rooted in Caribbean ideology, exploring his art of the mind, and literature of the soul. His open discourse will thrill your mental palate as he intertwines his personal experiences with concepts of our existence. Existentially drawing you in to his world.... Making you his muse, his subject, his audience, and his reference. Welcome to the world through the eyes of Damian G. Cunningham.

Allow him to open your mind, sing to your soul, and reach your heart


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