The Meaning Of Life

The meaning of life has been pondered by mankind, I would assume, since the realization of our mortality. I have spent many hours in many days of many months in many years trying to answer this very same question. I now think that I have the answer, and the beauty of my answer is that no one can disprove it, and no proof of any intent of falsehood represents no proof of a lie…..So, the meaning of life…it is exactly what you think it is. We have all heard the saying ‘Life is just for living”. Life, in and of itself is left up to individual interpretations; this is because no one else gets to live our lives for us. It is ours to do with what we please. I wish I had a more profound answer, but it is what it is. Whether or not you believe in God, we are all given free will. The ability to choose exactly what we want or choose to do with our lives. I think if you really want to know the meaning of life, just look at the animals in nature. They do what they have to in order to survive, they take what they need, many serve as part of a community, they show compassion and they protect each other. Some might even interpret their behaviour as love. But whatever it is, they recognize the importance of these key elements in order to live. Life really is just for living my friends. Now armed with this new information, how will you choose to live?


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