The Argument

What did she just say? There is no way I heard that right, I guess we’re gonna have an argument tonight. Wow that was mean, but I’ve got one in return, when I hit her with this one I know it’s gonna burn. If you’re gonna get loud, then I’m gonna get louder, I’ll show you which one of us has the power. Hold up, that really hurt, things like that you don’t just blurt. Ok, you wanna fight, then let’s fight, I don’t need to sleep in this bed with you tonight. I guesswhat I just said really stung, I’m in this fight until the final bell has rung. Oh no, she’s crying, I ain’t gonna fall for that, you can’t just swing at me with words as if it were a bat. I hate to see her cry, but she hurt me too, there’s no way this fight ends until I get an apology from you. This is exhausting, why won’t she give up? Her tears cut through me like a knife in the gut. Ok, ok, baby please don’t cry, I had to assert myself, what do you expect? I’m a guy. I’ll give her a hug and a kiss and admit that I was wrong, I should have recognized that this fight was stupid all along. Ok, that’s better, we’re snuggling in bed, yes honey, I’m sorry, now just rest your little head. I didn’t start it but I’m willing to end it, and you know that it’s true, I’d rather get some sleep than try to win an argument with you.


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