The end of life. The permanent end of someone or something that once lived. Just to write those words feels so awful, so sad, yet it is inevitable. Whether you believe in reincarnation or that our souls live on after us, one thing is sure, this life has ended. So the question is. How do we make this life count?...The best answer I have ever been given is this “Think about what you would like for those who truly knew you to be able to say when you are gone…then live yourlife backwards”.

 Whatever it is that is important to you; to be a good husband, father or provider, to have an amazing career in whatever your chosen field, to live a life of giving, to be remembered.Whatever it is, if you are lucky enough to be lying on your death bed, and have a flashback of your life, even while taking your last breath that you will be able to smile.

This is the life that we know that we have for sure, the here and now. It would be a shame to live it and not give ourselves a chance to love it. Let go of past hurt and disappointment, take new risks and push yourself. Live, so that you can be proud of who you are and your chosen path.

 There are so many that have chosen to end their lives, not because they wanted to die, but because they were unable to see a path out of their pain, disappointment or depression. We have a responsibility to live in the constant pursuit of our goals and dreams. You must live, because there is no such thing as a beautiful death.


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