Self Esteem

I often wondered where I would be, if I had just taken the time to believe in me. I have let society win, and now I have no idea where I start and where society begins. I have let so many people put me down, and shed tears when no one was around. I have moments when I’m filled with power and might, but most of the time I feel weakness and fright. I have let society determine for me, what should have been my destiny. I look in the mirror and I feel ashamed, of aman so timid, so feeble, so maimed. What I should see is motivated, determination and strength, but I hide behind written words when I choose to vent. I know there are so many others like me, living a life of hypocrisy. Because if we walked around exposed we’d see, all this insecurity. I know it will take time, but I intend to reclaim what was always mine. My pride, my power, my will to be, the greatest man that you ever did see. I will walk with my head high and execute my plan, you will gaze upon me, the true definition of man. The road to self-awareness is hard, and from society you should always be on guard. And as society tries to tear you down, wear your pride, your power, your strength as a king wears his crown.


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