Confidence, a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something, or the feeling/belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something. By the very definition of the word, there is a certain amount of reliance on others. When a baby is just learning to walk, everyone is encouraging. There is no one around saying that he or she can’t do it. But as we get older, people begin to tell us constantly that we can’t do things. A belief in yourself and your abilities are of utmost importance, but it is also important for us to remember to encourage others. My dad said to me once “Never tell a man that he can’t do something simply because you can’t see his vision”. That stayed with me, because I believe that the true mother of creativity is confidence, your belief that what you are about to do will succeed, or why would we bother to do it anyways?

I have always been told that I should be careful who I share my visions with, because there will always be people to say, you can’t do it, it won’t work, you’re only wasting your time. You want to know what I think about?...What ever happened to this person that has killed their ability to believe? Why have they given up their ability to dream?...I think that we should either begin to rely on only kids between 13-21 years old for innovation (because they still have the ability to dream) or we need to begin to change ourselves. Society is always ready to tell us that we should have accomplished certain things by a particular age, or we should just forget about it. As far as I know, you only have one life, which means your experience on this earth is only limited to what you decide to do. Not what people want to tell you that you can do. Do yourself a favour today and believe in yourself and add to that the people that believe in you; you will be amazed at what you will be able to achieve.

Be confident.


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