Are You Ready

We live in a society where we expect everything to happen now. Marriage – now! New Job – now! Wealth – now! Lose 30 lbs – now!.... Do we ever really stop to ask ourselves the question “Am I ready?”… Your immediate thought might be, “Yes I am”…. But are you really? You might think you’ll make a great husband or wife, but are you emotionally clear or even independent enough to be a real partner for someone.

You want a job promotion, yes you might be qualified onpaper, but are you mature enough to take on the responsibilities that this new job may entail. You want to lose weight, are you willing to commit to losing that weight…and keeping it off. My point is simply this. In this world of “now”, you need to take a step back, look at yourself and your life, not the lives of others, and evaluate if you are truly ready for the things that you are asking the universe for. I read a quote from Jim Carrey recently, “Let the universe know what you want, work towards it, and let go of how it comes to pass”.

Let go of how it comes to pass… that is what is important here, your ability to recognize that things will not always happen exactly how you want it, or even when you want it to. But if you conceive it, put a plan in motion and accept that you are working on the universe’s timeline, when it happens it will mean so much to you that you’ll never let it go. The best advice you can ever give someone; whether they are going through a tough time, or they are trying to achieve a goal, is to give it time, and the universe will hand it to you when you are ready…..

Are you ready?


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