The Relationship

I’ve spent a lot of time with couples, both friends and family that I think of as having successful relationships. In my mind there is a common theme that transcends every one that I’ve had the privilege of witnessing. They have all put their egos aside. It might seem like such a simple thing, but when you begin to think about your pride, your personal outlook on life, your career goals; it becomes obvious why so much of your ego is tied to these things. Butsomehow these people in recognizing that they have entered into a partnership for life have put their egos aside.

I think the wisdom in this is based on a realization that in order for us to function as a unit, an acceptance of a greater purpose to our lives now exists, “us”. The giving of yourself so completely that you no longer know how to think about just what I want, but what we need. I have observed in each of these relationships significant self-sacrifice for what they perceive as for “the greater good”. I feel almost a sense of Game Theory coming into play, because the decision that is taken is considered good for yourself and also the greatest number of people involved.

If the number of people involved is two, then you will make the decision that is best for yourself, (but you’re incapable of thinking about just yourself), then the decision taken will always be in the best interest of the both of you. If that doesn’t make you smile, I don’t think anything ever will….

Special thanks to GlaisterCunningham and DanielleCunningham, Kevin Turner and Stacey-Ann Brown-Turner , Omar Bell and Shayla McDonald for allowing me the opportunity to witness such amazing love and commitment.


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