Conscientiously including myself a dreamer, however unlike the rest,
 my quest has been simply for the real meaning of life
 setting my sights on only what my heart deems the best,
 having had the adventures and never taking life in strife.

People have called the dreamers, lost souls that have gone astray,
Others recognize their plight, as philosophers, thinkers or geniuses,
Man’s knowledge written in books, preserved from past till this day,
Being plagiarized, memorized, reintroduced, finding it hard to trust.

Be not fooled by memorization once written by someone else.
Many scholars are dreamers that gave their dreams away,
 settling for society’s scraps to feed themselves.
Why else would a famous writer or painter, have to die before his pay?

When the road seems stagnant, difficult and long,
 we are taken to make an adjustment, a reconciliation or even compensation.
Many dreamers lose their dreams, deciding on the wrong,
 then they lay by the wayside, disenchanted, suffering self-condemnation.

Only the strong survive life’s pits, perils and orthodoxy pressures.
It’s one more step in front of the last that helps them continue the quest.
Now, if you’re someone who does not understand  dreamers,
I leave you with these words, “Seek only what your heart deems best”,

At each turn in life one does make another written page.
There are many roads to travel for a dreamer such as I.
Look beyond the horizon; think outside your cage,
 as for me, one more step ahead, one more till I die.                                                                   You can fullfill your dreams with Organo Gold: http://www.oralacampbell.organogold.com



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