What is life? No really, what is life? I walk around and I see people with all these different expressions, are they depicting what their life really is about? Or are they like me, to avoid the twenty one questions just masking their true emotions? The start of this may sound ungrateful or suicidal, but it's not it's really just a question of self-realization, of self-actualization, and one of self-identification. I believe in order to know what is life, what life is really about, I need to know who I am. So who am I?


snow storm by spectra22


The first time, I was asked this question, it floored me. The reason why it floored me was because I never truly considered that question. And I could not answer. After careful, hair burning thought, I thought I could answer the question so I gave it a go. Ok, was I wrong! I came to the realization that I have been stagnant in life because I didn't know who I was, I was able to put in perspective that I have no idea where I'm going because I have no realization of the direction or path, which also left me to accept, I don't know what or who I identify with. So this is a quest for me to find myself. Not the person writing this, but who I really am. For only after I have identified who I really am, then will I truly know where I need to be.




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