Love Is The Ultimate Divine Power

Love Is The Ultimate Divine Power

Love is the Ultimate Divine Power

It begins with a click when knowing eyes lock in a deep penetrating gaze of mutual recognition. The dance of unending passions, longing and belonging begins…….

Call it love, lust, infatuation, sexual chemistry or whatever you will; romantic partnership is our greatest, grandest opportunity for living and knowing our highest self and experiencing fully all that we are in the here and now.

Our partner of choice is selected by deep inner soul knowledge by recognizing and owning our heart’s true desires. The Soul awakens and comes fully alive in meeting an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical match.

This coupling will shape and mould both partners like no Phd qualified therapist ever could.

Both will come to know and experience the highest truth of self. Discovering latent talent and gifts like never before in exploring the gift of self that each gives the other.

So dance with delight to love’s mystical drumbeat; moving joyously until the music stops and the dance plays out……Make it beautiful, lyrical and exciting as ever and call it the expression of your highest Divine Power or simply call it Love.


Our Bodies are the Temple

Our Spirits makes a shrine to the Divine

Our deepest Love is truly multi-dimensional

With our energies pouring out into ecstasy vibrating

And echoing into the highest realms of Heaven


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