SO Murray

I write about everything or anything of significance that has happened in my life inclusive, but not limited to, the events, experiences and persons that come in and out of it.

If a million and one individuals witnessed the same event, the individual's experience is still different from the million... Why? Because of perspective and vantage point. No other person was standing in the same exact spot, with the same exact vantage point and thought process. In addition, I am the only person in this world with my fingerprint and DNA; my uniqueness makes my consciousness, emotions, thoughts and writing style different from anyone else.

I share these stories and experiences, not because it's about me; it is quite the opposite. I want you to realize that you are unique and born with purposes and talents. I want you to discover them and act on them. I want you to be inspired to fulfill your passion and in so doing create your legacy. We are all here to fulfill a purpose; I am happily and passionately fulfilling mine.

Join me… ~ SO MURRAY

SO Murray


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