Superhuman Seeds

I wanted seeds to plant in dirt
To watch grow into seedlings then take hold of their new lifeWether herbs or fruit trees or flowers even Yet I need realize the seeds had already been planted no dirt required
No pot, no water, not even sunshine For the seeds are in me deep and rooted
I feel them growing inside me each time the darkness tries to take hold
Those seeds of encouragement caress my soul ever since he planted them and brought me into his fold
Then he poured out some wisdom in the form of his rain and made my love quench the thirst of the seedlings within
The seed of patience most importantly grew, put one inside me where none other knew
How to cultivate or make anything grow
Now and forever my superhuman would know that all of those things could produce but one thing
That gripping bond that between those that know makes hearts sing
Free at last free at last. Thank God we are free at last!



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