Superhuman Christmas Wish

Super strength, super pride, super sensitve, super stride, super conviction, super wise, super human in my eyes

Super touch, just close my eyes, hold out my hand, there, your's in mine.

Super understanding my highs and lows, the deep pain I have from childhood blows

Super convicted to keep us true, not just to each other and them, but Him too

Super funny, keeps a smile on my face, my voice resounding in laughter, joy back in it's place

Super humanitarian, that does the right thing, not just for himself, but for any soul in need

So I'm super saturated and super proud, super flowing thru me, making 

Super loud, my taste buds, my hunger, my thirst for all things you

The super human spirit and mine are close relatives it's true

There can be no doubt or contemplation there are too many areas of connected elation

To stand in the same place at the same time, to look down the same path and the see the same light that shines

To hold out my hand and know if I fall

The miracle of a super human with God on his side is what I need and that's all.



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