Going for Gusto

There's a noose around my neck

if I squeeze I will break it.

No blood through my veins, just ice and forsaken

walks and talks and thoughts and time spent

my skin is crawling, stomach wrenched

tight in a knot don't know why

the stress is too much I need to fly

out of here.

Far, far away, where I can breathe again, where I can play.

Relax, let it flow in and out through me

got to go get a life.

But truthfully,  now all I can see,

is taking that razor and slitting me 

a space

in my wrists to ease all this pain.

If the blood flows maybe I regain

some composure.

Love lost, with blood spilled

I feel it now, the sting just as if I had willed


I see the floor covered in red

I am feeling lighter now

Oh shit

I am 


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