Type A


“People like you die faster.” Not having what is considered a ‘usual’ bedside manner myself, lends me to being appreciative of people who speak bluntly, but really? My doctor is something else. 

It’s not good enough to eat right, exercise regularly, and get a good nights sleep. Oh no! My doctor seems to want me to perform what basically works out as a personalityectomy. “People who want things right now, and need to be good at everything die faster Renée.” Picture these sentences said in a strong Russian accent. Picture Renée with a squinty defiant look.

Ok, we can’t live forever people. No matter how many miles I run, or ride my bike, or how much organic food I eat, or how many hours I sleep – I will die (hopefully not from something stretched out and debilitating). We all will. But to what extent can a person actually change their inner workings? I don’t wake up each morning trying to be ‘Type A’. I like things done well and…now, right now! What’s wrong with now? If you get now out of the way, then there’s more time for later, right? And it’s even better if you can do two now things simultaneously.

Multitasking is your friend. If a Type A sees a mountain, the first response is to climb it, not relax in the shade it provides. But according to my doctor, that makes Type As more prone to hypertension, heart disease and an early death. So apparently, being competitive will kill you…or me rather. Needless to say, this does not sit well with me. So I need some help…all sensible suggestions from reformed or partially reformed Type As appreciated.


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