Get Your Kicks on Route 66

Historically, it has some major significance apparently. I couldn’t tell you what that significance is, or even if or why it may or may not be interesting. What comes to my mind is the song, so whenever I see or hear of it, the inner me that can warble like a nightingale belts out, “Go get your kicks on Route 66!” So I did.

 They’ve actually got a Bubba Gump place where you can eat seafood right on the Santa Monica pier. That is if you can ignore the signs on the beach that say “Shellfish Caught Here are Not Fit for Consumption”. I’m adlibbing, but you get my drift. But, if you’re a real big fan of the movie, you can’t help but squeal in delight, clap your little girlie hands together and put your name down on the list, praying you’re not signing up for food poisoning. Luckily, nothing of the sort occurred.

 Skinny girls with long hair and skinny boys with the same hairdo as the skinny girls, capture you with their voices to rival those on American Idol as you make your way through the throng. It’s pleasant to stop and listen, the street side performers are usually all rather talented and make for good, free entertainment.

Don’t like music? There’s a carousel that will twirl you around in the daytime and lights up like a dream at night. You can have a snake give you a hug if you’re into the creepy crawlies, or have a macaw give you a bit of chitchat. Have your likeness sculpted, your name painted, or buy some knick-knack you will promptly misplace…it all spells FUN.

 Wind down by heading across the street to Ma’Kai where though the plates are small, the Mojitos are AWESOME! The vibe will be energetic, the music will be fly and you’ll be surprised to hear them pumping out Reggae Tunes along with hip-hop, rock and all the new and popular songs. Lend your voice to the other voices all engaged in conversation and laughter. Plus we all know that everything is funny after a few Mojitos.

There are tons of options for food and drinks around the pier and it really boils down to your taste and how much you would like to spend, Santa Monica is prepared to take as much or as little as you want to give…all within walking distance.

 So after you dance a bit, drink a little, eat a little, live it up and laugh it up a little, you will find the bracing cold wind of the evening will have you sober as a judge and ready to head home. Not sober yet? You can ride your bike along the bike path by the beach - day or night, it’s great.

 Best part of any trip is to go home with the faint smile of one who’s had a good day while humming,

“Go getyourkicksonroute 66….”




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