I’ve been fumbling along with my guitar since I got it. My SO taught me how to tune it on garage band, and I tried to follow along with the lessons…but seriously?

I didn’t take it with me on my three month hiatus from home and hearth and when I returned, it didn’t know me anymore. No amount of coaxing would force it to produce anything remotely resembling the melodic. Frustration! So like any intellectual, I sought out a professional. Ponied up the dough and got a great instructor. The guitar is no longer giving me ugly, sideway glances. At least, not all the time. But that’s not the best part.

I had to share the good news with my BFF from time immemorial…and would you believe, she’s taking guitar lessons too?! Yes! Yes! Yes! The best news I’ve had all week. Now we’ll be on the journey together. We’re already sharing tips and comparing stories and opened up a whole new dimension to our sister-friendship (like there was a possibility we’d run out of things to discuss. Give us twenty years and nothing to do – and believe me, we’d be hoarse or mute before we ever ran out of things to talk about!).

So our significant others can laugh all they want at the skinning cats sounds that sometimes emanate from our instruments. Yeah, snicker away bucko! Don’t think we didn’t catch that snort and chuckle! In a few months we’ll be jamming! Rocking hard like Marley, moves cool like Jagger. We’re having a blast though; together is always better than on one’s own. My best friend and I will soon be making beautiful music together. We’ll both have a new skill and a new love; life enriched. And the beat goes on...


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