Happy Anniversary DDB!

I love having a place. And on the first anniversary of DoDaBlue, I would like to thank the founders for providing a place for doers. I like to DO, but I also like to see and read about what other people are up to (thank you all for not posting pics of yourselves, dressed up at home, with no place to go…

those are just sad, aren’t they? Besides we know where to go if we want to see those). What a talented, beautiful world! I love reading the blogs, looking at the pictures and in general just being surrounded by doers. To me it doesn’t matter what someone does, as long as they get off the couch! Nothing is stupid, only inactivity is for fools. We’ll all be decrepit soon enough. And though I pray that everyone’s final day finds them dancing and drinking with friends and family the night before, to then fall asleep and meet their Saviour in divine slumber; it may not work out that way. So before time robs us strength and vigour, let us DO. And whatever you do, share it on DoDaBlue…cause I want to see it – that’s part of what I DO J.


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