I Have Many More Blooms to Bloom

"I am my garden, my garden is me, my garden comes from within ME!" Dee Hunt

I woke up this morning singing "Bind us together lord" and for my entire journey to work I kept singing that song. There is always a song in my heart waiting to be sung. "I do not have all that I want and desire but I have all I NEED and that's enough" my inner thoughts kept reminding me not to worry about my latest obstacle.

The plant on my ear  blooms all year round. It is a part of the hibiscus family and I have always admired that plant for years until I could afford to buy my home and plant it in my own yard. Now I have blooms all year round.

I Have Many More Blooms to Bloom

Why do I admire it?

This plant taught me that no matter what you are going through you must ensure that you still look as radiant as you should, smile and be good to others. It taught me that things will not remain the same but you can choose to be the same kind, gentle and loving person you are all the time despite your change in situation.

Throughout the long summer days when we had drought, this plant still held its blooms and waited patiently for the rain to come back. Blooms came and fell and new blooms came again. Never did it miss a beat.

Why Do I Love Gardening?

it is very therapeutic for me. I often enter my garden with problems seeking solutions and by the end of my Saturday morning hobby I have solutions. It teaches me patience and keeps me humbled. I have to wait on my plants to grow, I have to wait on them to tell me if they like where I place them, if they like the fertilizer I am using and at the end of the day they reward me with countless blooms. It isnt easy to get up at 6a.m. religiously (except when it is raining) and do gardening from then until 10a.am. It takes dedication, lots of it. So it has taught me how to be dedicated in any task I undertake. This is just a few things I am sharing, my love and passion goes deeper than this.

This is the second one I had in my backyard and it was planted too close to the Area Plam. I made the decision to have it removed and in its place I placed a potting bench and added some orchids on the wall above it. Last Saturday while I did a routine check in the yard I noticed fresh green leaves under the potting bench. I knelt down, very curious as to what plant it was only to discover that the hibiscus had grown back. I am still in shock, the plant was totally removed by the gardener. I was there every piece of root was removed; or so we thought.

I want to be like this plant; no matter what i am going through it will not stop me from being the wonderful person my parents brought into this world. Nature has taught me alot about life. When people try to tear or cut me down and I feel like I will never rise above it, I think about this plant. When you are at your lowest and you cant seem to find a way out, think about the blooms on your plant. It will get better, just hold on.


Have a great day! MUAHHHHHHHHHHHH

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