Black Green and GOOOOOOOLD!!!

Hey Peeps - it's  charl b. again ... your 100% certified JAFAICAN  girl! ( Yes I was born in Canada but my heart and soul resides in JAMROCK) <3

" dem seh- mi nuh born ya - but mi definately on yah!!" 

So this past week was such a glorious  & GOLDEN one for Jamaica!!  Not only did the land of wood and water celebrate its 50th anniversary in fine style with Independence events across the island - our streets were  fully decked out and adorned with our National Colours  but the world too knew exactly who and what JAMACIA was... a "little but tallawah" nation! 

In an unprecedented show of power for a tiny nation, Usain Bolt & Co. dominated the London Olympics sprinting events in commanding fashion. We served up an unprecedented 1...2...3!!! So proud a wi!!!   The National Stadium was abuzz with nufffff excitement and the madness and joy in Half way Tree -" di tun up till it buck"

Imagine what Times Square looks like on a friday nite or even New Years EVE - that was the equivalent in HALF WAY TREE ( a.k.a. - Kingston's Times Square) during the record shattering Jamaican men's  4x100 meter relay.  That climaxed in pure GOLD!!

I am sooo very proud of this country and TEAM JAMAICA...they have more than put us on the map ..and even Asafa that did not medal ..still did us proud as he was the front runner and once the fastest in the world .. he still holds the fastest sub10 record and no one can take that from him! The pressure is great and had it been YOU or ME ... how would we hold up. We still proud of ALL our athletes!!

What can I say ..I LOVE JA!!! <3

walk good people




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