Fight or Flight!!!

Hello "Blue Peeps"

As I close out my day - I am "GreatFilled" for the "WARRIOR SPIRIT" that is inside of me and (yes inside of you too). The last few weeks have been challenging to say the least. Due to a very unfortunate "event" let's say - a series of events presented itself with a monster domino effect... for  a minute it really knocked me down and out - but I can truly say that the "SPIRIT" inside is my Guide..And GOD is my source an strength

Without HIM  I would find it hard to put one foot in front of the other - instead of taking flight I decided to fight to regain my sense of peace and wellness of soul.

I am also blessed with awesome frenz and family to help get over the hump...but when you close your eyes - you have to open them an face the world again and again.

I had the blessing of working onTarrus Riley - "Shakka Zulu Pickney " video - a project I am very proud of!  I think from the moment I heard the first chords of the song I was transported and a passion blazed inside...I was already on my way to the continent. Mama Africa I am coming soon ...but in the meantime I will "create" the images that my minds eye sees.

I have a warrior spirit inside ...

till ...

love & bless-charlB

p.s. - remember tomorrow is not promised to anyone - so live today!





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