(dis) A'BLE : Strikes Gold!

a'ble - adj. 1. having sufficient power or qualification. 2. competent

We have done it again ..JAMAICA strikes Gold...paralympics - Alphanso Cunningham does JA proud -plus many others. Such a small nation doing big BIG things. "Wi Likkle but wi tallawah!!!" JA 50 definately setting some incredible records. We are creative, capable and full of charisma!!

There is no such thing as can't! You will never know unless you try...do your best and don't worry about the other guy. Just do YOU!..go after your dreams - trusting that if you really put your mind to it and work hard -success will come.

Do what you love & Love what you do ...then you will never work a day in your life !

( borrowed but not sure who it came from)

One again proud to be JAFAICAN- mi nuh born ya ..but me def on yah!!)


love & bless  -charlB.


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