Hey peeps it's me charl B.

Hope your week has been progressive and you gearing up for a blessed weekend. 

Today I was just reflecting on How blessed I have been to be in this great "likkle  nation" named " JAH MECK YA" - and the many projects I have been involved in and added my creative 2 cents worth. 

Most times growing up .. Caribbean Parents and Grandparents have always encouraged "academics" - you should strive to be a "DOCTOR, LAWYER, INDIAN CHIEF!!" - now nothing wrong with that .. 

but I truly believe that GOD has ordered our steps and HE has a plan  for every man. 

But if we were to celebrate the ARTS..we would be a HEALED nation! 

Well what can I tell you .. I was going to be a "Pediatrician" but pastels and paint crossed my path and the rest was History...ART chose me! 

And happy to say it has allowed me to make a many a ticks on my bucket list!

Flying in a HELICOPTER is one ... take a look and see! ( special Thanks again to Robert Davis) get his book y'all  - "JAMAICA BY AIR" ...it's a keeper!

 till ...~ bless-cb


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