I d'Claire

I d'Claire

I d clair

Today I  d’Claire

As a baby, I was given three names. My least favourite of the three is Claire.  In most settings - at work, on social media, and even in my close social circle, very few know that Claire is one of my names.

I have been on a journey of self-discovery, a deep examination of who I am, and what truly is the reason for this gift of life that has been given to me. I believe this process will lead to Self-mastery and that is my ultimate goal.

A big part of that journey has been getting to a place of complete acceptance and unconditional love for all aspects of me. As much as I’d like to deny it, I have spent a fair amount of time, energy and money focusing on outward appearances. I’ve fallen into the trap of placing so much importance on looking good outside while investment in what’s going on inside has fallen way below the required spend.

The process has been long, the lessons have been hard.  There’ve been tears and anger and many times the instructions must be repeated a few times before I finally get it.  But I’m committed to doing the work, and the benefits do become obvious on the outside.

Self-acceptance has brought peace within as well as tangible benefits in my outer world - I’ve lost unwanted pounds, I walk taller, I dare say I glow when I smile these days.

Now I accept and am completely ok with me, including my name Claire.  So much so that I’ve designed a ritual where I remind myself daily of the strength, the beauty, the intelligence, the power, the contributions, and the love I carry inside and share with the world.  Each day I express gratitude and affirm that all is well with me.  No more playing it small.

I’ve decided to share this journey with the world, hoping that some other girl, or guy who suffers from shyness, is self-conscious, who feels unworthy, who feels unloved, takes the time to look within, to see their power and realize that there is so much more that they’ve been placed here to do. I hope they come to know that all is well with them too.

…and so, I will use a part of me I once disliked to say today; I  d’Claire!


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