Power To Manifest

Power To Manifest

power to manifest

Today on my way to hand over keys to my recently axed landlord, I remember my train of thought being; “I have two small keys on this key ring, one belongs to her the other is for the lock on the cover of my car’s spare tyre. I’m not sure which is mine because I haven’t yet had a puncture since owning this vehicle.  Well, like it or not I will have to try the key today because I need to not hand over the wrong key”.

No sooner after thinking that, I drive the car over a failrly high sleeping policemen (which others call a speed bump) and as I descended, I realize the car felt quite awkward.  It turns out I drove over something quite sharp, which tore into the tyre and damaged it so bad, that it was rendered irreparable.

I recall two weeks ago, during the process of packing up to move, I was at the kitchen sink thinking – “Its great that I haven’t broken anything in this apartment.  Thankfully, on moving in, I packed away all glassware, mugs and other small items, and left out only items that I own, so should there be any accidents, I would not be indebted to the landlord.

Within seconds, my elbow knocked over a glass and it went crashing to the floor.

All that I’ve been reading over the past few months finally has hit home for me. 

We really are always manifesting.  It’s really true that our thoughts and energy create our reality.  Every thought that we have, creates an energy flow within and around our physical being.  Each thought informs our energy, and this energy manifests into our experiences. That’s the power of our thoughts.

The two events described here was the reminder I needed, that I do have the power to manifest. This got me thinking again. “If I have the power to manifest negative experiences then the converse must be true.  I have the ability, in fact I have the power to bring to life any great experience that I desire.  With positive thoughts I create the energy of confidence that in turn has no choice but to bring forth my desires in their physical form.

I am very aware that there is a lot more to this notion of ‘manifestation’ and that any fear or doubt in my power to attract greatness will be self-sabotaging.  Removing these negatives from my psyche is work in progress for me.  This has been my greatest life-challenge, but I recognize that I must complete the work and remove all the obstacles, so I attract the good stuff into my life, as easily as I produce the ‘not-so-good’ experiences.


I, D. Claire –Is created with the power to manifest.  I am worthy of the best that life has to offer. My thoughts and my energy create my reality.  I will do the work to keep them positive in every situation so that I bring to life all my heart’s desires.


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