Danny Williams Conversations

Danny Williams Conversations

2012 was an unforgettable year.
1. It was a year that was prophesied to be the end of world as we know yet, by some making reference to the Mayan calendar.
2. It was the year of Jamaica’s 50th independence celebrations.
3. It was the year that I organized an awards dinner to honor 8 long serving stalwarts of our beloved institution Jamaica College. Mr. Ruel Taylor, Greville Hazle, Alice Holmes, Dottie Higgins, Samuel Cummings, Vivienne Grant-Barrett, Ed Othneil Gordon, Yvonne McCalla Sobers.
4. It was also the year that I had the pleasure to delve deep into the mind of the the Man with a Plan; the Honorable R. Danvers Williams, who we affectionately know as Danny Williams.

After recently listening to this recording from April 2012, I am once again inspired to carry the torch forward and hope you will be too.

“Work is burning in the fields.”
May we never lose sight of that fact.

Let’s pay homage and tribute to a man that exemplified the motto of our prestigious institution and use his torch to light ours, not just to continue to fulfill his legacy, but more importantly; to fulfill ours.

You have fulfilled your purpose Danny.
R.I.P. - “Revered In Perpetuity.”

FERVET Collegium!



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